In February 2018, the Office of the National Leading Group for the Certification and Management of High-tech Enterprises sent a reply, and Kaijin Energy passed the "Guangdong Science and Technology Department's Certification and Filing of the Second Batch of High-tech Enterprises in Guangdong Province in 2017", with the certificate number GR201744010365. This is the first time that our company has obtained the review and certification of "High-tech Enterprises" after the expiration of the three-year certification and filing period in 2014. The successful adoption of this review and certification is a result of our company's independent research and development and independent research and development for many years 

Within three years after passing the "high-tech enterprise" review, the enterprise income tax will enjoy the preferential tax rate, which will also allow our company to win more technical and policy support from the state and the government in the process of innovation and development, and bring greater confidence guarantee to our partners and customers. Our company will take the opportunity of passing the review of "High-tech Enterprises" to further accelerate the pace of independent innovation, continue to increase investment in scientific research, train high-tech talents, build a brand-new technological innovation system, continuously enhance the competitiveness of products and technical services, and strive to enhance our core competitiveness and sustainable development in the field of new energy.